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ECE Fast is another of our original distributors. While their name, Electro-Chemical Engineering, shows their origins, they now have a very diverse product range. Once upon a time industrial applications were there core business, but now they can help anyone who is interested in any temperature (and pressure etc).

They are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland

You will be able to find the Thermochron installed on a metal disk and sold as “Disklogger”. They also distribute the LogTag range.

And straight from their web site:

Your single source provider for industrial instrumentation.

We specialise in temperature measurement and temperature monitoring solutions as well as a host of measurement solutions for most applications.

ECEFast is Australia`s leading supplier in infrared temperature monitoring – from hand held food thermometers through to fixed infrared cameras for manufacturing processes, we have it all.

  • Temperature measurement (thermocouples, RTDs, infrared temperature, food thermometers and probes)
  • Pressure sensors
  • Level sensors, switches and level transmitters
  • Flow measurement
  • Signal conditioning and transmitters
  • Controllers and indicators – including IECEx intrinsically safe barriers
  • Calibrators and NATA certification
  • Displays and human-machine interfaces (HMIs)
  • Programmable software solutions for data acquisition
  • Data logging and recorders

Calibration Services: The ECEFast NATA accredited laboratory will take care of all your calibration service needs including infrared calibration and onsite certification for enclosures or large equipment.

Systems Implementation: ECEFast can also provide a complete system solution for your measurement and control needs. Our systems engineers provide a full, through-to-commission service for systems implementation. Contact us for more information and to speak to an experienced systems consultant.