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I don’t know which one is more amazing, how quickly easter eggs and hot cross buns appear, or how long it takes them to disappear.

We didn’t even have time to take down the Christmas tree before we could start buying Easter eggs and hot cross buns. Is this an attempt by big business to remind people that Christmas and Easter are directly related?

But then my usual sceptical size returns and I realise that it is just commercialism going horribly wrong. It’s all about milking an event for all that it is worth.

But Easter is now over. And now the shelves are filled with half price Easter eggs. Half price Easter eggs are still dearer than blocks of chocolate so I don’t think there are many great bargains out there yet. And the useby date on them indicates that a block of chocolate is far fresher. At least they are made on demand, and not a year in advance.

And so they have to clear the excess stock that they ordered in. I can understand why there are Easter eggs still on sale.

But hot cross buns still being flogged off in supermarkets? It’s not like they are selling a week old bun. These are still fresh. So they are still baking hot cross buns.

This is where we start to find the truth about 50 billion tonnes of hot cross bun dough being shipped from Ireland and is laying dormant out the back.

And so I finish my 458th hot cross bun for the year. Only one more bag left. I may have to duck off to the shops to buy some more before they all disappear.