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Recently at the Fine Foods Trade Show I came across “Thermabag” According to the blurb “Thermabag keeps food and drinks hot cold or frozen for up to 3 hours”.

I could be slightly cynical and say the boot of my car will do the same, but I assume they mean closer to the 3 hour end of the spectrum than the 20 minutes in my car (except in the middle of winter in which case I achieve the 3 hours).

So I asked the reps on the stand “do thermabags work” and they gave the expected “of course it does” and they have had it independently tested at Sydney University. So if any of you are looking at this blog working out if it works, apparently it does.

But I wanted to use a Thermocron temperature logger to test it out. It’s mostly just idle curiosity.

The test would be reasonably simple:

A thermocron in each tub of icecream, one tub in a bag, one out of the bag. Tubs in the back of the car. An extra thermocron in the back of the car to pick up the ambient temperature. And then wait three hours.

I don’t have much hope for the quality of the icecream after 3 hours, but it will be interesting to see the impact. So if you want to know if thermabags work as well, just contact Globe-Tech and ask them to send one over to me. 3 hours later we will have an answer.