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Last month I wrote a blog about CO2 levels on the local buses.

Since then the Hills Shire Times interviewed us regarding the blog and then did their own investigations. Nigel Gladstone interviewed a number of other specialists as well as trying to talk to the local bus company.

What he discovered is what we already know – there aren’t many regulations in place, and the few that are in place are so light that the buses still comply.

Our point is that because CO2 levels are only considered in terms of permanent or significant health risks, the short term impact on our well being isn’t considered.

So that bus trip into the city will be having a bad impact on a number of people but because the buses are “safe”, the matter isn’t addressed.

The solution we would like to see is simple – get more fresh air into buses.

And if this is going to cost more, than why not just back-off slightly on the air-conditioning and save money that way. After all, our investigations also found that they were too cold as well. But that’s another story.

Thank you Nigel for running with the story. I hope the right people start to take notice.

You can find the story on the Hills Shire Times site.