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Last time I mentioned the fun we are having with choosing a product name. We are also having a challenge with choosing a company name.

We’ve outgrown the old company name. “OnSolution”. It really doesn’t mean anything, is impossible to remember, and most people write down OneSolution.

OneSolution would have been great. It’s taken.

So here are the rules for what the new company name needs:

1.       Easy to remember

2.       Domain names available (.com, at least)

3.       It must be available in Google for an easy page one listing

4.       It must be able to be registered and trademarked

5.       It should imply something about what we actually do

6.       It should not overly restrict our business activities if we stray slightly from core business.

So what does OnSolution do?

Well, we sell temperature loggers. And humidity loggers. Oh, and now CO2 loggers, light level loggers, and sound loggers.

But next month we will be selling our own range of wireless temperature loggers. And then shock loggers. And then vibration loggers. And pressure loggers.

So you get the logger theme.

But we also sell Glitterbug handwashing training lotion. A bit of a food safety/medical theme here.

And LTrace Sterilisation Tracking Software. So medical safety coming through. Possibly argue that it’s medical logging.

And then we write custom software. For 10 years we developed the Works Management System (WMS) for Spotless. So software development.

So a strong slant towards computer stuff, but we don’t want to be seen as unreachable computer geeks.

I could just go with “Jim’s Loggers” except I’m not Jim, and people would ring me to chop down trees. I could go with my name as the company name. Better still a joint company with my wife “van de Vorstenbosch and van de Vorstenbosch”. Guaranteed to be free in Google.

I could totally mess up and go with NoSolution. I saw that “RS Solution” was already taken and I assume they didn’t know what RS was short for.

So we continue to ponder the new name of our product and if we will ever change the company name.

All suggestions are welcome. Are there experts out there for choosing a company name?