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Every year there are some key milestones that remind us of how quickly time is passing.

Christmas sort of came and went so quickly that I ddin’t have time to stop and say “I can’t believe that it is Christmas already”. In fact, I’m not quite sure if Christmas 2013 actually happened.

But my computer is telling me that it is now 2014 and computers never lie.

So it must be time to reflect and plan. I won’t bore you with too much of our navel gazing, but I will let you in on some of what we have in store for 2014.

Enough Navel Gazing

We are still trying to get our own wireless logger across the line and that will be our priority for our spare resources.At the same time we realise that it will only be covering a specific market and we are investigating other wireless devices. Our goal is to have a couple of options for our customers so that we can offer the best solution for their specific needs.

On the CO2 front there are some great new products coming to market and we will be seeing them in the first quarter of the year.

eTemperature, our thermochron software, continues to have new features added to it, and we will be reintroducing full database connectivity soon.

LTrace, our hospital sterilisation tracking, is having a major addition with the new Cino scanners and it is looking good.

Last year we launched a number of new product ranges and we will continue to develop them this year. In particular, we are working on a number of new web sites to make it easier for customers to find the right product.

So 2014 is looking like a very big and busy year. Chances are I will be writing “2015 – it’s already here” before I know it.