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Wireless tags – temperature, humidity, motion

For the same price as a traditional temperature logger you can have a wireless sensor or logger. Have the benefits
of live updates and immediate alerts sent to your phone, as well as easy reporting.

Temperature Loggers and Logging Software

Temperature Data Loggers can save your time, money and reputation. They run 24/7/365 to provide you constant insight into the operating temperature of fridges, freezers, storage areas, transportation and much more. They record the temperature so you don’t have to.

Our LogTag and Thermocron range of products are cost effective, and when bundled with our eTemperature software, provide a comprehensive and powerful solution for your temperature logging needs.

GlitterBug Hand Hygiene

Glitterbug is a fun way to demonstrate and test hand washing techniques.. Simply rub it into your hands, wash, and then use the UV light to see how well you washed. The results may shock you!

Many diseases spread due to improperly washed hands. GlitterBug helps you and your staff keep the work place healthy for everyone to enjoy.


SaniTimer Hand Washing Timer

The ST-100 Model is our flagship model and is the pinnacle of portability and functionality! It has an LCD display and countdown timer with alarm sound when rinse cycle is completed. This will leave plenty of time for the user to pump soap, lather up, and finish washing and rinsing under the water for the remaining 20 second minimum.

Low cost USB temperature and humidity temperature logger

If you are only monitoring one or two locations or items, the USB standalone loggers are a great option. They plug straight into a PC without requiring a reader. The software is sufficient for retrieving, saving and viewing results but for more advanced features consider a LogTag or Thermocron instead.

Data Loggers

Our new range of USB based data loggers now allow you to log sound, light, temperature, humidity, and CO2. These units now offer a cost effective solution for permanent monitoring of environmental conditions.

Keep Alert CO2 Monitoring

High levels of CO2 causes headaches, fatigue and loss of concentration. Don’t let your employee’s productivity suffer!

The KeepAlert range of CO2 Meters and Loggers monitors the level of CO2 in the immediate environment so steps can be taken to improve the air quaty.

KeepAlert is available as “set and forget” loggers, handheld meters, and desktop monitors.

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitisers

Our range of workplace hand washing & sanitising products are created by industry-leader Deb. Deb Instant FOAM is the perfect hand sanitizer, killing 99.999% of germs. Deb OxyBAC is a soap replacement, perfectly suited to food & catering environments – it cleans hands like no other product on the market.

Safe Work Australia First Aid Kits

Our First Aid Kits, designed to meet the standards of the new Safe Work Australia National Code, can help keep your employees and visitors safe, no matter the size of your business. We have models suitable for small businesses, all the way up to large models for those working in higher risk environments such as kitchens and workshops.

LTrace Sterilisation Tracking Software

LTrace helps you meet the quality assurance requirements for sterilisation by tracking every item in the process.

LTrace has been developed for Dentists, General Practitioners, and Sterile Service Departments.