Configure for temperature logging

Temperature Logging Menu Open the temperature sensor options for each tag individually by clicking “Options…” and choosing “Temperature…”.
Temperature Logging Enable Do NOT use the calibrate unless instructed to by the supplier.
Temperature Logging Turn on “Monitor Temperature”, define normal temperature range, choose notification settings you want, and click “Save”. The tag will notify you when the temperature exceeds upper or lower limits, or returned to normal range.
Temperature Logging Autoping Open the temperature sensor options for each tag individually by clicking “Options…” and choosing “Auto update…”Select the frequency that you want the unit to be updating (logging) the temperature. Frequent transmission will shorten the battery life. For most fridges and freezers we would recommend 10 or 15 minutes.

NOTE: Auto update must be turned on for logging to occur

NOTE: The tags need to be in range of the tag manager to store results. The tags are sensors only and rely on the tag manager to log the results.

Optional – Monitoring the fridge door

This feature is useful for monitoring swinging doors (not sliding doors) where the angle can be used to determine if the door is open or closed. An alarm can be sent to you if the door has been left open too long. It also keeps an hourly tally of how often a door is opened.

DoorMonitoring1 Open the motion sensor options for each tag individually by clicking “Options…” and choosing “Motion Sensor…”.

It is possible to change all tags at once by selecting “Apply to All Tags”

DoorMonitoring2 You can choose sensitivity (0 to 100, 50 is recommended to eliminate false alarms in most environment), and responsiveness (“Slow” is 12x the delay and battery life of “Fast”) that best suit your application.
Optional scheduling
Scheduling1 Turn on the “Schedule sensor arming/disarming” to have timed monitoring of the door.
Scheduling2 It is possible to specify the time that the unit will automatically disarm and arm, and which days of the week it will be armed.
Scheduling3 Use the arrow next to the times to select the required arm or disarm time.
Door monitoring
DoorMonitoring3 Change the mode to “Door/Gate Monitoring Mode”.

When door/gate mode is enabled, you can choose the threshold angle, when tag orientation changes more than this, the door is deemed open, when tag orientation returns within this threshold, it is deemed closed.

DoorMonitoring4 When in door/gate mode, you can choose to be notified only when it is been open for longer than a certain time period.
DoorMonitoring5 You can choose to be notified by email, have the system post a tweet on your Twitter account, beep or speak on your phones, or make the tag beep.
Press “Save” to save your changes and have them automatically downloaded to the tag.