The status screen


MyTagStatus1 The main screen shows a list of tags that you have access to and the current temperature.
The signal strength is shown as a series of bars. This is the strength of signal from the tag to the tag manager (base station).
The “Beep” button will cause the tag to start beeping.

Pressing the “+” will expand the tag to show more information and options.
The information includes when the tag last updated the server, the battery levels and signal strength.

Making a tag beep

Beep1 In the tag list screen, click on “Beep” button of the tag you want to beep.
Beep2 When tag responds and starts to beep, the “Beep” button turns into a blue “Stop Beep” button.
Beep3 You can choose beep until moved, for 5,10,15,20,30 seconds, or indefinitely beep until stopped by the stop beep button.