My Tag Setup

Login Now Overview

Android Devices

For Android devices, install our Android app from Google Play by searching “WirelessTag”, follow this direct link, or download the APK file directly.

PC and Mac

Click on the Web App Login.

Connect your Tag Manager to the network

Tag Manager
Power is supplied from a USB power pack. This is NOT intended to be connected to a USB enabled device such as a computer. It is a power only connector.
The Ethernet port plugs straight into an ethernet hub or router. It will automatically try to connect to the local network and then the internet.

Error Error light. Flashes when trying to configure itself to connect to the Internet (when acquiring IP address through DHCP). Rapidly flashes when trying to connect to web service.
Connected Connected light. Lights up when connected to the cloud based web service.
Update Update light. Flashes when forwarding a Wireless Sensor Tag reading to the web service.
LoginLight Login light. Lights up when connection is temporarily interrupted (when trying to re-connect to the web service.
Radio Radio light. Gradually ramps up and down when radio is ready to receive sensor tag readings. Becomes solid when radio is transmitting a command to Wireless sensor tags.

Activate your Tag Manager (the base station)

Use the 12 digit serial numbers on your Ethernet Tag Manager to create a login. Keep the serial number in a safe place.

Create an account

My Tag Step 1

Click on “Create an account” (top right corner)

MyTag Activate

Fill in the serial number, login email and a password. The serial number is found on the ethernet base station.

My tag Create Account