Associate new wireless sensor tags

Add Tag
In the tag list screen, click “+ Add a New Tag” button at the upper left corner.
Associate Tag
An unassociated tag periodically broadcasts information about itself when powered on. Click the “Search” button to receive this information.
Note: All units ship with a paper tag in them to block the battery. Remove this tag to enable the device.
Search Tag
When a new tag is found, its information is displayed. Assign a name and comment (optional) to the tag, then click “Associate”.

Set tag name

Change Name Step2Click “More>” and click “Change Tag name”. Enter new tag name and click “OK”.Change Name Step 3The new name is now assigned to the tag, and is automatically propagated to all other devices accessing the same tag list.

Change Name StepIn the tag list screen, click on the tag you want to edit to open the detail pane.