Vaccine Storage

Temperature control when storing vaccines is of utmost importance. Vaccines must be stored within 2° and 8°, although 5° is the temperature to strive for. If vaccines drop below this temperature, they will die and be rendered ineffective. If they are stored above this temperature range, their shelf life will be shortened.

Most vaccine fridges have built in temperature monitors to control the temperature of the fridge. However, what happens if the fridge fails, or looses power? There is no way to tell what the temperature was during that time. This is where an OnSolution Temperature Logger is useful.

The LogTag LT, with built in LED alarm is perfect for vaccine storage temperature logging. This inexpensive device will alert you to any abnormal or unexpected temperatures, allowing you to take action immediately.

Cafes & Restaurants

According to the Australian & New Zealand Food Standards Code, if you are receiving, storing, processing (including defrosting and preparing), cooling, reheating, displaying or transporting potentially hazardous foods then you must be able to show that your food has not been exposed to the critical “Danger Zone” temperature range (5°C to 60°C) for too long.

It’s almost guaranteed that food is going to be exposed to the danger zone. The important thing is to make sure that this exposure time is kept as short as possible. This has implications on the way you transport, receive, prepare, cool, and serve food.

OnSolution’s range of LogTag and Thermochron temperature loggers can help you monitor the temperature constantly. These devices will provide a record of when the temperature exceeds a certain range. This is perfect to determine if there are problems with fridges, or if a transportation company has left the food out of refrigeration for too long.


Temperature Loggers are used extensively in the transportation industries, especially with refrigerated transportation.

If you are are sending goods as refrigerated or cooled freight and are unsure if your products are being transported at the correct temperature, you can place one of our affordable temperature loggers within the package and then retrieve and analyse the results when it reaches the destination.

We have had many customers do this in the past, and find really surprising results: if was not uncommon for goods to be left out of the refrigeration for periods of time and causing the food to “go off”.

If you are a freight or transportation company, you can use our temperature loggers for quality control purposes, to ensure your refrigerators are being run at the correct temperature. In addition, you can find out what the temperature variation within an area is: we have had customers shocked to see how much the temperature changes within different areas of their refrigerators.