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LTrace Sterilisation Tracking Software

LTrace helps you meet the quality assurance requirements for sterilisation by tracking every item in the process. The information and procedures LTrace brings will assist in ensuring that the requirements for accreditation for Quality Assurance are easily met.
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LTrace has been developed for Dentists, General Practitioners, and Sterile Service Departments.


  • By simply scanning a tray to immediately see:
  • Photos
  • Instructions
  • Count sheet
  • Warnings of old or overused instruments
  • Knowing exactly where all your trays are at any time
  • Being able to recall an entire load with a click of the button
  • Know which items were used on a patient and:
    • who used them next
    • who used them previously
    • when they were decontaminated and sterilised before and with what other items
    • when they were decontaminated and sterilised after and with what other items
    • by which surgeon, in which theatre, with what other staff
  • Be able to fast track an item through the process so that staff are aware of the item every step of the way through. In fact, you can plan the day in advance and determine which items will need to be fast tracked.
  • Manage loan sets both from other facilities and to other facilities.
  • Be able to implement a tracking system within 24 hours and start receiving the benefits immediately.

Imagine being able to do all this easily and quickly.

LTrace is your solution.

For more information on LTrace Sterile Services Software, visit the LTrace website.

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