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Pacif-i – The Smart Dummy

Measure your baby’s temperature without disturbing them

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Why You Need A Pacif-i

Why disturb a sick child to check their temperature?

Struggling to measure your baby’s temperature?

Is your child too hot or cold?

Tired of losing dummies and not being able to find them?

Do you forget when you gave your baby medication?

Or need a reminder when the medication is due?

Pacif-i has a great set of features

Monitor Temperature

You can monitor your baby’s temperature directly from your smartphone up to 30 feet away. Choose either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Record Medication

You can accurately record any medication you give your baby and monitor the effects it has on temperature. You can also set reminders.

Track and Locate Paci-I

Wirelessly tether Pacif-i to your smartphone and be alerted when you leave it behind or it moves away from you. You can find Pacif-i with your smartphone.

Multiple Babies

You can monitor the temperature and medication of multiple babies with multiple Pacif-is at the same time.

Suitable For Babies of All Ages

Pacif-i is considered “medium” sized and can be used by babies of all ages.

For iOS And Android

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones that have operating systems iOS 7.0 or Android 4.3 and later.

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Three reasons why Pacif-i is the best choice in pacifiers


Pacif-i has been ergonomically designed to be as comfortable as possible.


You can monitor your baby’s temperature when you are out and about and without disturbing them.


Use your smartphone to locate Pacif-i. Ideal for when your little one puts it in unusual places.

Your Australian supplier and support

OnSolution is your Australian supplier of Pacif-i. We are located in the Hills District of Sydney. All orders typically ship the same day. If you have any questions we are here to help.

A personal message to you

Hi, I’m Shane, the owner of OnSolution. I’m a father of four and can remember nursing my 1 week old daughter as her temperature steadily rose despite all the medicine we were giving her. I remember how we were trying to measure her temperature every five minutes and trying to comfort her. So when I saw one of my suppliers release Pacif-i, I knew I had to sell it. My kids are now way too old to use Pacif-i (but never too old to spit the dummy), but hopefully it can bring you a small amount of peace or help when you need it the most.

Great Apps for iOS and Android

The Pacif-i App

5 Great Features Of The App

  1. Measure your baby’s temperature at the push of a button without disturbing them. Measure your baby’s temperature at the push of a button without disturbing them. Measure your baby’s temperature at the push of a button without disturbing them.
  2. Record and timestamp your baby’s temperature and any medication you give them.
  3. Quickly see temperature trends and how your baby responds to any medication.
  4. Find your Pacif-i with a signal indicator in the app. Make your Pacif-i beep to find it.
  5. Share data with others easily and quickly.

Pacif-i is safe and lab certified

Pacif-i complies with safety standards

Pacif-i meets safety and regulatory requirements and has been lab certified against U.S., Canada and Europe regulations. It is completely BPA and Phthalate free.

Pacifi is FCC, CE and FDA Certified

Safe radio emissions

Pacif-i’s radio emissions are extremely safe and its Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is less than 1% of an iPhone 5S

Average WiFi Router SAR

Pacif-i SAR (<1% of an IPHONE 5S)


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