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LogTag with built-in USB

Logtag with built-in USB interface. Ideal for monitoring one or two fridges/freezers or where items are transported

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If you only need to monitor one or two fridges or freezers, then the LOGUSB provides all the features of the standard logtag without needing the Logtag Interface. If you are monitoring more than that then the standard logtag is more cost effective.

It is also ideal for anyone who is shipping a product and want the receiver to immediately see the results.

You need to install a copy of the Logtag Analyser (free for users of LOGUSB) to program the logger prior to use.

To retrieve results you can either

  • view the logger as a USB drive and open the built-in PDF report, or
  • use the Logtag Analyser program to see the graph (with pan and zoom capabilities)

Advantages of the Logtag with USB are:

  • automatically generated PDF report – no software required to view results
  • more detailed analyses available with Logtag Analyser software
  • No extra hardware required
  • Reusable
  • Up to 16,129 recordings and the option to continually log
  • -25° to 70° range
  • Accuracy better than 0.5°C between -20°C and 40°C, and 0.8° between 60°C and 70°C
  • HACCP compliant
  • Immediate, delayed or push button start
  • Red / Green LEDs to indicate alarm or all is OK

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-25°C to 70°C


16,000 (reusable)


2 LEDs – Alert and OK

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