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The GlitterBug Premium Kit is the ultimate training kit for trainers who regularly use Glitterbug.

The larger GlitterBug Disclosure Centre provides room for two people to check their hands at once. The well-shaded interior and the large UVA lamp help this chamber work well in brightly lit situations. Body construction is of tough yet attractive polyethylene that measures 730 X 305 X 305mm.

The GlitterBug Premium Kit includes:

  • GB Maxi Disclosure Centre with
    • Carrying Bag
    • GlowBar lamp
    • AC/DC adapter for plug-in convenience
  • 2 x GlitterBug Potion (2 bottles),
  • Handwash Instruction Manual,
  • Germbusters Activity Book,
  • 2 buttons,
  • 2 Bug cards,
  • 5 Reward stickers,
  • 5 Revolting Germ stickers,
  • one Wash sticker with directions,
  • one Wash sticker,
  • 2 GlitterBug Hand brushes,
  • GlitterBug Magnet,
  • the Ten Potato Scrub and Buddy Bear’s Handwashing Troubles books,
  • the All Hands On Deck DVD