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The Food Sniffer links with your Android or iPhone to provide the ultimate meat testing in your kitchen. It is able to analyse beef, pork, chicken and fish to ensure that you are kept safe.

Simply select the type of meat you are testing and place the Food Sniffer near the meat. Within 30 seconds you will be told if it is completely safe or needs to be discarded.

$199.00 inc GST

Food Sniffer – the scientific way to keep your family safe.

FoodSniffer is a portable electronic sensor – a device and mobile application which enables users to determine the quality and freshness of raw meat, poultry and fish. It is designed to detect:

  • whether a product is fresh
  • whether it is unsafe to eat it raw
  • whether it is spoiled and there is a risk of food poisoning

FoodSniffer is ideally suited for people who are seeking to ensure that they are providing themselves and their families with healthy meat and fish products, and to consume only the best quality products. FoodSniffer can be used on meat products that have already been bought to ascertain whether they are still safe to consume, thereby potentially reducing food wastage.

ATTENTION! FoodSniffer is not a medical device. The results provided by the device are only a recommendation.

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