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Calculating a 6D reduction of Listeria Monocytogenes

6D Reduction In Listeria

The NSW Food Authority released the document “Listeria Management Program” (NSW/FA/FI034/0809) in 2008 which detailed guidelines for the management of Listeria monocytogenes within the retail and wholesale process. In it was a table of process times and temperature to deliver a 6D reduction of Listeria monocytogenes. In plain English, that’s the amount of time required […]

eTemperature reporting options

Getting the mix right with reporting It is common practice to print a report of results  for future reference. Traditionally there were two extremes – a detailed report that could go on for 30 pages, or a daily/min max report that summarised it all to 30 lines. A better option for many users is the […]

eTemperature: Changing the line thickness in the report

The issue A customer asked if they could change the line thickness in the graph on eTemperature. It was too thin for photocopying if needed. The solution eTemperature allows users to customise many aspects of the report. This feature is a very advanced feature and demonstrates the tradeoff between pure power and simplicity. This feature […]

eTemperature Version 8.28 Released

eTemperature 8.28 eTemperature version 8.28 has just been uploaded. This is a minor bug fix release which fixes an “overflow error” found with TCU thermocron temperature loggers where the last reading was below 15°C, eTemperature 8.27 eTemperature version 8.27 had some nice user features added included being able to sort the most recent list of […]

eTemperature V8.24 – Excel Export and Dual Slider

eTemperature 8.24 has to key changes: New data formats for the Excel export Dual sliders for the min/max instead of two sliders Excel export formats When pressing the Excel button, you now have 3 options. All readings: The first option will export the entire table as is, and is the equivalent to how eTemperature used […]

eTemperature Release History Version 8.28

MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.28 features include: TCU: Overflow error fixed for when the last reading was below 15°C (thanks to a cold snap in Melbourne) MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.27 features include: Recent file list: Sortable. Word export: Speed improvement Password: Byte array (technical change, no front end change) MINOR RELEASE: Version 8.26 features include: Rollover […]

eTemperature Version 8.23 Released

Version 8.23 of eTemperature has just been released. This is a minor release that fixes a bug that fixes a minor bug that was found on two sites. It has not been reported on other sites. Recent updates of eTemperature have a built-in update feature and will automatically receive the update. Alternatively, the “Check for […]

eTemperature 8.19 Released

Temperature Graph

eTemperature version 8.19 has just been released. This is a critical update for all versions since 8.11. Autosave The “auto-save” feature has been unreliable since version 8.11. To also ensure that users are clearly informed as to when results are saved, the dialog box has been reintroduced. This will mean that if you are using […]

eTemperature Version 8.15 Released

eTemperature Version 8.15 has been released. This is a minor release. Report changes When we converted to a new reporting engine we gained a number of features. These include – users being able to modify the report – more export options for saving the report – a higher resolution graph output But some old features […]

eTemperature version 8.14 released – changing the unknown

This is another minor release with a feature requested by a customer. It is now possilbe to change the description when the results have been downloaded or saved. This is to help people who forgot to set the description up originally and it just shows as “unknown”. The new name will appear in reports, in […]