Wireless temperature logger in final testing stage

The wireless temperature logger is now in its final testing stage. All is looking good for a February release. There have been some very interesting and challenging issues that we have come up against and had to resolve which I will discuss today. The end result, however, is a product that is great to work […]

Wireless Logger Distance trials

Our new wireless logger is now going through distance trials. Though what we are discovering is that “line of sight” means in a vacuum in space with no obstacles for 3 light years in any direction. In a building it is a bit different. Most of the time “line of sight” means “way less than” […]

Wireless Temperature Logger

As we finish the development on our wireless temperature logger, it would appear to me that there are at least 3 distinct markets: Where the logger is permanently near the computer and the data is always online (e.g. a fridge or freezer) Where the logger is in transit permanently and periodically returns to a base […]