Thermochrons over maximum temperature

One question that occasionally comes up is “what happens when the Thermochrons goes over it’s maximum temperature?”. It depends upon the unit but: All models will simply display the maximum temperature for that unit Going up to 100°C tends to be fine Going too high (sorry, no firm rule as to “too high”) will corrupt […]

Thermocron versus Australian Dollar

Years ago we made a poster comparing the Australian dollar. Unfortunately if I did the comparison now it would be more like: Size: Almost identical Strength: Both strong Usability: Both reusable Difference: One is warming the economy, the other records the temperature. But all the original jokes can be made about the US dollar: Size: […]

Server Room Temperatures

There are lots of debates and forums on the ideal temperature in a server room. Searching on line produces many results, most agreeing, but some are conflicting. To promote reliable operation and long life on components, then it is vital to ensure a narrow temperature range. Too hot, components start to fail: too cold and […]

How waterproof is the Thermocron?

It was a strange way to start a telephone conversation about a temperature logger, but our customer needed to know. After telling him the answer, I quizzed him why he needed to know. He is doing an experiment on the temperature of the cow’s second stomach, so needed a small device that would not be […]

Transportation Temperature Monitoring

Many a day goes by where we get asked about the benefits of logging temperature, and how does a temperature logger help with the compliance to food safety requirements or the requirements of “Strive for 5” vaccine storage. But, every now and then there comes a question that makes us think and use the knowledge […]