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Tag: Temperature Logger

Car temperature reaches 70°C on a warm day

On a warm autumn day, why does my temperature logger alarm go off for the car? Turns out that I left it in the sun and it actually reached 7...

Why USB LogTags are perfect for refrigerated transport

Place this temperature logger in with your shipment and it will record the temperatures experienced inside the trailer throughout the journe...

Hindsight won’t help South Australian Restaurants

With restaurants facing the consequences of the storms riping through South Australia, is there something that they could have done to help...

Why does my vaccine temperature logger show different results than usual?

Many of our customers use their temperature loggers to monitor vaccine fridges. Vaccine fridges have better temperature control than many ot...

Data logger sample rate explanation

We put together a quick video to explain what sample rate means.

Why do two temperature sensors show different results but both be right?

Two temperature sensors side by side Today I received two graphs from two different brands of temperature sensors (temperature loggers). The...

CoolTel Temperature Loggers Review

UPDATE Jan 2017: OnSolution no longer sell the CoolTel range of GSM loggers. Instead, consider the WirelessTag range of loggers or contact u...

Common temperature logger mistakes 4

Common temperature logger mistakes 2 and 3 dealt with misunderstanding. This one is returning to the “oh, yes, I should have done...

Common temperature logger mistakes 2

After common temperature logger mistake 1 of not being turned on, mistake number 2 is reported to us less, but more common… Common tem...

Common temperature logger mistakes 1

Over the next couple of blogs I will be covering the most common temperature logger mistakes and, where possible, how to avoid them. Common...

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