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Tag: GlitterBug

Would your cleaners pass a GlitterBug cleaning audit?

Glitterbug Potion MSDS

Attached is the MSDS for Glitterbug Potion. Glitterbug Potion MSDS

Glitterbug Gel MSDS

Attached is the MSDS for Glitterbug Gel. Glitterbug Gel MSDS

A TAS Teacher’s Dilemma

A teacher expresses their frustration on Facebook about not being able to engage students in practical demonstrations. Glitterbug is the ide...

Glitterbug on Jimmy Kimmel – How to wash your hands

Glitterbug cameo appearance on Jimmy Kimmel I don’t know if you can call it a cameo appearance or blatant product placement, but face...

Tips on Using Glitterbug

Glitterbug Potion for Hand Washing Training How to use it 1. Rub the Glittebug Potion onto your hands 2. Wash your hands 3. Use the UV torch...

Handwashing Training at Flower Power Penrith

This Sunday we will be doing handwashing training at Flower Power Penrith Prospect Our story begins after a good day out in the garden&#8230...

How Glitterbug Works

This is just a quick blog to clear up some misunderstandings about how glitterbug works. The Glitterbug Lotion and Powder glows under UV lig...

Glitterbug Handwashing Kit

We are currently offering the Glitterbug Handwashing Kit to everyone buying the Glitterbug Handwashing Potion and a UV Torch. It is normally...

Glitterbug Handwashing Kit

We now have a new case for our Glitterbug Handwashing Kit. We used to have a case that we thought was pretty good. By the time we started pr...

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