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Tag: Food Safety

A “check the toilets” reminder to find staff who don’t care about food safety

I recommend checking out the toilets of a restaurant to see if the staff care about cleanliness (and consequently food safety). When you com...

Salmonella Bomb destroys Albury burger joint

Imagine something small enough to fit on your hand that could raze your business with the flick of a switch. For The Burger Bar in Albury, t...

Food safety at local events

Have you ever wondered what precautions are in place at temporary events? As you wander around some cultural collection of culinary cuisine...

The attention grabbing cloth

What can be more important than catching up with a friend at a cafe? It turns out the answer is "watching the waitress wipe down everything...

Danger Zone

The Rotten Food Cookbook is Amazon Best Seller

Last week we released the eBook version of The Rotten Food Cookbook on Amazon and we reached the Amazon Best Seller list. The Rotten Food Co...

Food Safety Talkabout – Norovirus

Peres Meat Sniffer

What is Peres? Buy FoodSniffer Anyone who cares about the quality of raw meat needs to check out the Peres Meat Sniffer. It will tell you th...

Food Safety Tightens At China’s Wal-Mart

American supermarket Wal-Mart has been expanding their efforts overseas and even have stores in China now. Since this new move, Wal-Mart has...

Food Safety Chicken Advice.

Chicken is one the raw meats that cause the most issues in food safety. In the United Kingdom, one of the most common food borne illnesses i...

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