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Renee Attard joins the team to help get the message out there!

We love modern marketing

Once upon a time words like “sales” and “marketing” were 4-letter words. There was this stigma about them, and it was largely justified. Everyone has experienced the “used car salesperson” who is trying to offload a lemon to every unsuspecting customer. And why would anyone want to buy a can of water and sugar with absolutely no health or nutritional value?

But we now live in the Internet age. It’s where consumers are seeking knowledge and insight, and can quickly move on when they aren’t happy. They aren’t locked in a small room with a pushy rep. They are roaming the plains and they are in control.

Which means our role in marketing has changed. It is now about giving information and helping first. It is about proving that you can be trusted and prove that you are useful.

And this has worked very well for us over the years. We have information sites like, and We have sites on hand hygiene and one dedicated to hand washing posters. Knowledge is no longer something that you hold close, but instead something to share.

It's time to grow

Over the past year and a half we have seen the sales of Clever Logger take off, and it has largely been a result of word of mouth and a bit of advertising.

Now we are getting serious. We think we have one of the best temperature logging solutions on the market. That sounds kind of arrogant, but we have put a huge amount of effort in making them as simple to use as possible. We have spoken to hundreds (thousands?) of pharmacists, GPs, nurses, fridge technicians, chefs, and scientists to find out what they need and want. We think we have a better solution at a better price than every other logger on the market. If that is the case, why would we keep this to ourselves?

And so we welcome Renee on board to help get the message out there. 


First to Australia, and then to the world!

What to expect

More content!

More information on how to use the products. More case studies. More tips on how to get the most out of things. More funny stories.

And hopefully we will be in front of you when you are considering that next temperature logger purchase, and you will look at it thinking “there’s a brand I recognise and trust”.

(OK, no-one ever says that. Could you imagine walking down the aisles of supermarkets going “Oh, I really recognise this brand” and the person going the other way says “Oh, yes, and I really trust them as well. They give me that warm inner glow.”)

And if you call us, there is a slim chance that she will answer. Take the chance to say “hi”.