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Category: Vaccine Temperature

Are you making these 5 mistakes using a LogTag with a vaccine fridge?

LogTags are very easy to use, but there are some common mistakes that we hear about all the time. A lot of these have come from people writi...

Get something nice for that special fridge in your life

It’s Valentine’s Day. What better time to do something special for your fridge?  

LogTag Spike Analysis

What happens when you get a single high or low spike on your results graph?

Have we lost our way with vaccine monitoring?

Have we lost our way when it comes to monitoring vaccine fridges? We have been selling temperature loggers for vaccines for nearly two decad...

Can my vaccine refrigerator be adjusted?

No cause for alarm Modern vaccine refrigerators are fantastic devices and take much of the worry out of storing vaccines safely. When they&#...

Have we lost our way with vaccine fridge monitoring?

What I am hearing about vaccine fridge monitoring I have customers who are now required to download the results of a temperature logger once...

Why does my vaccine temperature logger show different results than usual?

Many of our customers use their temperature loggers to monitor vaccine fridges. Vaccine fridges have better temperature control than many ot...

How long will a vaccine fridge remain below 8° during a blackout?

The critical temperatures 2°C and 8°C are the official limits that a vaccine must be stored between. Of the two temperatures, the lower on...

RPA Vaccine Fridge Should Not Have Failed

RPA is now asking hundreds of mothers with new born babies to contact them because a vaccine fridge may have been failing.This strikes me as...

What is the best sample rate for vaccines?

We are often asked what is the best sample rate for vaccines. Or worse, we aren’t asked and we find out what some people are doing. Th...