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Category: Humour

New school subjects aimed at reducing children’s screen time

Next year will see two new subjects being introduced into schools, specifically aimed at reducing the amount of time children spend on compu...

Christmas email response

Thank you to everyone for such a great response to my Christmas email. I was amazed at how many people read all the way to the end, includin...

Linda Mottram – Rotten Food Cookbook Interview

Last week Linda Mottram interviewed Shane van de Vorstenbosch, the author of The Rotten Food Cookbook. Anyone who is interested in a copy of...

Hand washing Gangnam-style

It appears that I am behind the times when it comes to hand washing Gangnam-style. There’s now a number of videos on Youtube for hand...

Ironic Conclusion To Food Safety Summit

A Food Safety Summit is held every year in the United States of America. This year, it was held in Baltimore, Maryland. I am sure every year...

Office Dictionary

It’s Friday, so a bit of light hearted content. Here are some entries you are not likely to find in the Office Dictionary: LECTURE: An...

Temperature loggers sent to sun

The University of Parramatta is aiming for a world first this month when they send a dozen temperature loggers to the sun. Three of the unit...

Poor hand washing in hospitals linked with tsunamis

After nearly a decade of research, the University of Parramatta has released a paper showing a clear link between poor hand washing in hospi...

Labor Withdraws From Election

In an bold and unexpected move, Kevin Rudd has declared that Labor will not stand for re-election at the upcoming Federal election. He said...

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