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Category: Glitterbug

Three ways to stay safe as horror flu season strikes

In an article on The Sector, Associate Professor Deb Friedman from Deakin University offers the three main ways to protect against devastati...

Getting funky for hand hygiene

A music video is a great way to get the hand hygiene message across. We’ve seen a couple of great ones lately. Alfred Health have a gr...

Chipotle: a cautionary tale about letting sick staff prepare food


The “Ultimate” Hand Washing Guide?

How many of these suspects are in your workplace?  

Would your cleaners pass a GlitterBug cleaning audit?

A TAS Teacher’s Dilemma

A teacher expresses their frustration on Facebook about not being able to engage students in practical demonstrations. Glitterbug is the ide...

Glitterbug on Jimmy Kimmel – How to wash your hands

Glitterbug cameo appearance on Jimmy Kimmel I don’t know if you can call it a cameo appearance or blatant product placement, but face...

Tips on Using Glitterbug

Glitterbug Potion for Hand Washing Training How to use it 1. Rub the Glittebug Potion onto your hands 2. Wash your hands 3. Use the UV torch...

Are hands clean after handling food?

  Today we received the question: “I need to verify if hands are clean or not after handling food. The glitter bug shows if hands...

Handwashing Training at Flower Power Penrith

This Sunday we will be doing handwashing training at Flower Power Penrith Prospect Our story begins after a good day out in the garden&#8230...

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