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Category: Business

10 Tips On Advertising a Medical Practice

How can a GP or medical centre be noticed online without costing a packet? Fortunately there are many "cost effective" solutions that will h...

7 Ways To Mess Up a Resume + 2 Ways To Really Stuff It Up

We are trying to recruit someone and I am amazed at how poor most resumes are. We now have a numbering system for the mistakes.

Rules for asking for social media feedback

Belong to a facebook group where you can ask for feedback or suggestions? Here are top 5 ground rules that I think should apply to every gro...

If I were PM – changes that would really help small businesses

We all look to a new PM or new government to fix our problems, and then they let us down again. BUT if we were PM, could we really fix the e...

Don’t Tell Your Customers To Go Away

It amazes me how many cafes turn away customers. These are customers who have walked into the cafe, know what they want, and when they get t...

The search for the perfect WordPress Quiz Plugin

This post was written as I was designing my first quiz… Which means that when you get beyond this intro, the rest is in chronological...

Why riding 500km is great for business owners

Here are 3 compelling reasons why every business owner should fly to Thailand and ride 500km through blistering heat and smothering humidity...

Great leaders aren’t always in front

As I rode 500km with a group of 48 business owners, I discovered that true leadership isn't always found up front. It is one thing to be fir...

7 most common mistakes made on “about us” pages

Here are the top 7 mistakes made on most “about us” pages. 7. Not having an “about us” page Customers want to know a...

How to judge a new website

What makes for a good web site? What are some simple tests that you can do to ensure that your website is working for you, and not against y...

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