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Category: Business lessons

What’s your trade show mission?

Sometimes I wonder why businesses exhibit at tradeshows. Let’s be brutally honest, if you have a tired and apathetic sales rep sitting...

Why would I want to follow you?

All around us we see businesses with a "Follow us" sign. This leaves me with one very simple question "Why would I want to follow you?"

Five social media mistakes restaurants need to avoid

When something bad happens, you can't just sweep it under the carpet and hope it goes away. For The Ranch, the more they tried, the worse it...

The attention grabbing cloth

What can be more important than catching up with a friend at a cafe? It turns out the answer is "watching the waitress wipe down everything...

Yet another christmas shutdown email

We just sent this out today and have had dozens of replies. Thank you for the great feedback and I will copy a number of them into my next p...

Netball’s folly that pervades businesses

The Netball Outsider I’m a relatively new netball dad. I analyse the game as an outsider and there is one practice that is just so obv...

DIY VOIP Experience

My DIY VOIP experience As an electrical engineer with years of computer experience, how hard could it be to buy a couple of VOIP phones and...

Advantages of VOIP

If you are starting a new business, or even looking at how to run an existing business more efficiently, then consider VOIP. Advantages of V...

Customer Feedback Comments

The results are in from our big survey. Here are the customer feedback comments in no particular order. We left the good and bad in: Easy an...

Search Engine Marketing versus Traditional Marketing

Infographic created with love by Magicdust, a web design and online marketing Company. Click to visit the original post: Search Engine Marke...

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