Nine Life Lessons

Tim Minchin

For those of us with kids approaching the end of high school or university, this is a time when we start thinking about the future and what it will hold for our youngsters. In 2013, Australia comedian, Tim Minchin, was invited to make an address to graduates at the University of Western Australia. Tim used […]

Getting funky for hand hygiene

Getting funky

A music video is a great way to get the hand hygiene message across. We’ve seen a couple of great ones lately. Alfred Health have a great new video out set to the tune of Uptown Funk. And here’s an oldie but a goodie from the staff at the Heritage Village aged care facility. Remember, […]

10 foods to avoid while pregnant … and why

What to eat while pregnant

Pregnancy hormones can lower a woman’s immune system to the point that infections and diseases that she would normally fight off can have much more serious consequences. When talking about food poisoning, the two main culprits are listeria (Listeria monocytogenes) and salmonella. In Australia, one in ten cases of listeriosis is a pregnant woman, and […]

The six big DON’Ts when using raw eggs

tiramisu contains raw eggs and so can be contaminated by salmonella

Salmonella bacteria is found in the faeces of most birds – including chickens. When faeces comes in contact with eggs, the bacteria is transferred to the egg. Only about 1 in 20,000 eggs have salmonella present on the inside, but a much larger number have the bacteria present on the shell. This can be transferred […]

Whose job is it to check the coolroom temperature?


  It’s in your HACCP plan and you know it’s important – that’s why you put your, er, top people on the job. And just because the kitchen is a madhouse, doesn’t mean it’s not getting done when it should, right? They’re not just writing down 3° on the log whenever they remember? Hmmm… There […]

Protecting your customers from listeria

The news today is reporting a story about two people who have died from listeria infection. Ten people in total have been affected by this outbreak, which has been linked to rockmelons from a farm at Nericon in the Riverina in NSW. Every year in Australia, about 150 people are hospitalised with listeriosis and about […]

Five LogTag lifesavers for flu vaccine season

logtag in a life preserver

Modern temperature loggers make it really easy to keep a log of vaccine fridge temperatures. But are they making it so easy that we are becoming complacent about checking results? We have had a spate of support calls lately from users who have had checked their log only to find that they haven’t actually been […]

Chipotle: a cautionary tale about letting sick staff prepare food

Chipotle food

[row] [column medium=”7″] In 2015, people started getting sick after eating at Chipotle – a chain of fast food Mexican restaurants across the US. Five people were infected by E. coli in Seattle. At least 234 people in California’s Simi Valley were infected with norovirus. In Minnesota, 64 people were diagnosed with salmonella poisoning from […]