Food Sniffer Channel 7 News Response

This week we were interviewed in regards to the Food Sniffer. With over 1 million live views, 400,000 Facebook views and 4,000 Facebook comments, we have identified the top 10 most popular responses to the Food Sniffer. 1. “I already have one. It’s called a nose” This comment was often quickly answered by someone without […]

Have we lost our way with vaccine fridge monitoring?

What I am hearing about vaccine fridge monitoring I have customers who are now required to download the results of a temperature logger once or twice a day. That’s not once or twice a month or even a week, but every single day. I used to sell temperature loggers telling people “it will save you […]

Simon Marnie and The Rotten Food Cookbook

Last week I had the pleasure of being on Weekends with Simon Marnie. We had the chance to talk about The Rotten Food Cookbook and went through how to make the perfect Chicken Seizure Salad.

Why does my vaccine temperature logger show different results than usual?

Temperature Sensor Graph 1

Many of our customers use their temperature loggers to monitor vaccine fridges. Vaccine fridges have better temperature control than many other types of fridges and the results tend to be very predictable. Then there are the sudden changes which causes the readings to be in a new range. What causes a sudden shift in temperature […]

Linda Mottram – Rotten Food Cookbook Interview

Linda Mottram

Last week Linda Mottram interviewed Shane van de Vorstenbosch, the author of The Rotten Food Cookbook. Anyone who is interested in a copy of The Rotten Food Cookbook should contact us. It’s a fantastic book about food safety and has some great jokes in it, many fantastic looking recipes, and plenty of legal disclaimers. I […]

Why do two temperature sensors show different results but both be right?

Temperature Sensor Graph 1

Two temperature sensors side by side Today I received two graphs from two different brands of temperature sensors (temperature loggers). The first was a Minnow temperature logger and the other our wireless temperature logger. They had both been in a fridge, side by side. They both covered the same time period and the distinct spikes […]

Why does my temperature logger have different values to the fridge display?

The problem A very common question is “why does my temperature logger have different values to the fridge display?” For example a fridge may have a digital display and a temperature logger but they never show the same temperature. They may show a different range (e.g. one may only fluctuate by 1° while the other […]

Calculating a 6D reduction of Listeria monocytogenes with temperature loggers

6D Reduction In Listeria

The NSW Food Authority released the document “Listeria Management Program” (NSW/FA/FI034/0809) in 2008 which detailed guidelines for the management of Listeria monocytogenes within the retail and wholesale process. In it was a table of process times and temperature to deliver a 6D reduction of Listeria monocytogenes. In plain English, that’s the amount of time required […]