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Temperature Loggers

Temperature Loggers are used to automatically monitor and record the temperature and humidity in rooms, containers, fridges or freezers, or any other place imaginable. These convenient devices are used extensively in the food, hospitality, transport and medical industries to ensure goods are kept at the correct temperature.

A temperature logger can tell you:

  • when excessive temperatures were reached
  • for how long that temperature was maintained
  • how often excessive temperatures were reached
  • average temperature and temperature cycles

OnSolution sells a number different lines of small and cost-effective loggers:

  • Entry Level USB Data Loggers: No extra cables required
    • The Tempsen range provde incredibly inexpensive loggers combined with a standard USB connector. Some of the units have built-in PDF reports so the receiver does not need to install any special software (apart from a pdf viewer which most people already have)
    • Our new Minnow Temperature Loggers provide the best solution for when you are only after a single unit. The software is simple and sufficient for most users.
    • The generic USB Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers provide similar functionality to the Minnow but with a temperature display. The software is reasonably simple and sufficient for most users. We prefer the Minnow software.
  • Data loggers with readers typically have better software and more functionality than the entry level loggers.These tiny devices can sit in position and operate from an embedded battery, and when you need the data you simply connect them to a computer and analyse the data with our easy to use software.
    • LogTag is our most popular model because it offers user feedback (LEDs or displays).
    • Thermocron are smaller and more robust units.
  • Wireless data loggers provide a fully automatic solution where data is sent to a server periodically.
    • Wireless Tag is an incredibly inexpensive option for monitoring fixed assets in a fixed location (e.g. a fridge in a shop) where ethernet and internet connectivity is available. You get all the benefits of immediate alarm notification, automatic logging, and reporting, but at a fraction of the cost and with no ongoing fees.
    • Abacus Wireless Temperature Loggers provide a full temperature monitoring solution with options for ethernet, wifi, and GSM base stations. The loggers are fully functional loggers and will continue to log when not in range of a base station.
    • Cool-Tel is a stand alone GSM based temperature logger. It is the best solution for monitoring mobile units (e.g. trucks) or where you just want to place a logger and not rely on a local network.

Our websites also have a variety of details on temperature logging, such as an overview of loggers, information on logging for the food and hospitality industries, and information on vaccine temperature. We also write a blog about this range of products and their applications.

If you want to find the most appropriate logger for your requirements from our extensive range, you can use our Temperature Logger Chooser.

If you need any more information, you are invited to contact OnSolution directly.

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Abacus Wireless Temperature Loggers

Buy Abacus What is the Abacus Guardian wireless temperature logger?     Live ‘real time’data with wireless temperature monitoring No delays View on any PC, tablet or smart phone No software to install Instant SMS and email alerts for peace of mind Wireless temperature monitoring  The Abacus Wireless Temperature Loggers are fully featured temperature loggers …

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CoolTel Temperature Logger

CoolTel GSM Temperature Logger

Buy CoolTel Temperature monitoring has never been this easy. Just install batteries and it’s working. No cabling. No plugging units in. No software installation. As long as there is ANY mobile coverage, the CoolTel will automatically communicate back to the server. The Cooltel unit won’t lock you into a particular carrier and works with Telstra, …

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Temperature Loggers with Reader

Buy Logtags Buy Thermocrons The Logtag and Thermocron are our traditional range of temperature loggers. While both requiring the extra expense of a reader that is plugged into the computer, they are compensation by having much better software then most of the USB direct products.      

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USB Direct

Buy Minnow Buy Tempod Benefits USB direct temperature loggers have the benefit that they don’t require any additional hardware to program or retrieve the results. Tempod The Tempod range have the benefit of having a built-in PDF file that shows the results. This means that the receiver doesn’t even have to install the logger software. …

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Wireless Temperature Loggers

Our new Wireless Temperature Loggers remove the need to periodically connect your logger to a computer. As long as the loggers are within range of the receiver (about 50m), the results will automagically be downloaded and sent to our new VeriTemp service.

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