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The hand held test for raw meat’s freshness.

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For Use On Raw:

Food Types suppoerted by the FoodSniffer

The 7 News Story

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Why can’t you trust the use-by date?

The use by date is meant to tell you if it is ok, isn’t it?

Above 5°C

Above 5°C and meat perishes faster. The more time your meat spends warm, the shorter the shelf life. The use by date becomes meaningless.

Chill or freeze

Keep meat cold to maximise the shelf life.


Freeze meat and it can last substantially longer, and the use by date is long in the past. The use by date becomes meaningless.

Why not just smell it?

For many people, smelling is sufficient. We don’t want to sell you another gimmick to clutter up your kitchen.

There are others, however, who struggle with either throwing out too much or not being able to determine if something is bad. This is especially a problem for the elderly who may have a reduced sense of smell.

What if you can’t smell it?

We quickly discovered that people with Anosmia can’t smell anything, and so struggle every day with ensuring that what they are eating is safe to eat.

The Food Sniffer may be the ideal solution to their meat woes. Note that Food Sniffer will not work on left overs and so is not the perfect solution. Hopefully one day there will be a complete E-Nose.

How it works

1:On the app, select the type of meat you are testing

You have a choice of pork, beef, chicken and seafood..

2: Calibrate the device

Hold the device away from the meat to get a background level.

3: Test the meat

Press “Continue” and hold the device near the meat. Analysis takes about 30 seconds

4: Check the results

If it says “spoiled” then discard the meat. If it says cook thoroughly then either discard or cook it thoroughly. For hospitality, discard it.

Start Testing Now

Gain the extra protection you need, or put an end to the arguments now. Order your Food Sniffer today and be protected.

Only $199 AUD (inc GST)
Plus $15 express shipping Australia-wide

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Save money by not throwing out meat unnecessarily

Stay safe by avoiding food poisoning

Save you reputation by only selling or serving the freshest meat

Save lives by not serving up bad food. (Unfortunately we aren’t exaggerating. For the elderly or very young food poisoning can be fatal.)

What’s the problem?

(Or “why can’t I just eat this?”)

Fridge Failure

Bacteria still grows (just slowly) in the fridge.

Power Failure

If your fridge or freezer power fails, your meat is at risk. Refreezing meat doesn't fix it.

'Time and temperature'

The biggest risk, however, is YOU. Have you left the meat out for too long in the car or defrosting. Is it still safe?

How meat spoils


The initial amount of bacteria on meat can increase during slaughter and processing. The greater the bacteria, the faster your food will spoil.

In Store

How the meat is stored, handled and packaged all impact on its life span.


How quickly you get the meat back into a fridge is critical. Leaving it in a warm car is potentially disastrous.


Leaving meat our when you get home and defrosting at room temperature are risky.

Who needs a Food Sniffer?


If there's meat in the fridge then your need a Food Sniffer.


If there's meat on the menu you need a Food Sniffer.


If there's meat on display you need a Food Sniffer.

Stop risking it – be safe NOW

Why risk it any longer? Buy a Food Sniffer and ensure that the meat you eat is safe.

Only $199 inc GST
Plus $15 express shipping Australia-wide

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Who Uses Food Sniffer?

The Food Sniffer was originally designed for home use. It provides a balanced analysis for what is safe to consume and what should be discarded.

We also recommend that hospitality businesses also use one. It is a great device for ensuring that your procedures are working and to help when the situation is marginal. This is NOT a device that allows you to bypass food safety laws, but is a great device to ensure that you are always safe.



Automatically connects to your Android or iPhone

Easy Setup

Works with beef, pork, chicken and fish.


Stored results for later recall.

Is it quick to setup?

Absolutely. Just download the FREE app and connect the device to your Android or iPhone. You will be up and running in minutes.

Get your FoodSniffer now

Never worry about the quality of your raw meats again.

Only $199 AUD (inc GST)
Plus $15 express shipping Australia-wide

Buy Now



Where can we buy Food Sniffer from? At the moment we only sell direct. We hope to have distributors established soon.

Does it work on cooked meat and left overs? No. Sorry it only works on raw meat.

Is there a discount price? The $199 is an introductory discount price.

Is there a bulk discount? Yes. Please call us on 1300 30 33 34 to discuss.

Does this mean we can ignore use by dates? How often have you pulled something out of the freezer and looked at the use by date that was last month. This allows you to check the meat WAY past the use by date. If it has been stored in the fridge for the entire time, however, we recommend that you use the meat BEFORE the use by date and check to make sure that it is still good to eat.

How “conservative” is the device? For businesses, not conservative enough. If it says “cook thoroughly” we recommend tossing. For home, it will recommend tossing or thoroughly cooking. It’s up to you to decide how conservative you want to be.

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